gallery Time to Chill with Bananasana

Bananasana or as I love to call is Banana Awesomesauce! It is one of my favourite ways to elongate my side muscles after a long day sitting, after a tough workout, or a when I just need a moment to chill-out.


It is simple:

  • Lay on your matt
  • Move your body to the right side of your matt
  • Walk you left foot over to the left corner of your matt
  • And then cross your right foot over your left foot
  • Reach your hands above you
  • Extend your left arm to the left edge of the matt
  • Cross your right arm over to meet your left wrist
  • Hold for 3 – 5 Minutes
  • Repeat on the otherside

Extend and enjoy the deliciousness!


  1. Thank you! I’ve been driving Uber and really needed this technique for reversing the effects of extended sitting in the driver’s seat. Cheers!


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